Webinar broadcasted by Paraíba State University will focus on regulatory difficulties for the expansion of renewable energy in the Northeast of Brazil

The Law course of the Humanities Center of the Paraíba State University (UEPB) promotes, on May 26th 2022, the Webinar “Renewable energy: regulatory challenges”, to be broadcasted on the Rede UEPB channel on YouTube, from 8am to 12pm (BRT). The purpose of the discussion is to analyze the main trends of the sector in the Brazilian Northeast and the regulatory difficulties for the expansion of renewable energy in the region.

The Webinar is an initiative of the Law course in partnership with the law firm FCR Law, from São Paulo, and ILM GROUP, a group founded to help foreign companies and entrepreneurs do business in Brazil. The speakers are: Agassiz Almeida Filho, lawyer and professor of Constitutional Law at UEPB; Christian de Souza Barauskas Cecchini, electrical engineer and technical regulatory specialist at the Brazilian Association of Photovoltaic Solar Energy (ABSOLAR); Elbia Gannoum, economist and CEO of the Brazilian Wind Energy Association (ABEEólica); and Marcelo Coimbra, partner at FCR Law and PhD in Law from the University of Cologne, Germany.

The initiative has the scientific coordination of Agassiz Almeida Filho and Marcelo Coimbra, and was designed to broaden the legal discussion about the Brazilian energy matrix and train professionals committed to economic development and new technologies for renewable energy production.

Agassiz Almeida reported that this discussion gains relevance because of Paraíba’s current investments in the area of renewable energy. “The engineering in this field is already very well solved. The difficulties in Brazil happen in the legal area and not in the technical part. And our course being part of this discussion takes UEPB to join a very advanced debate”, pointed out Agassiz.

Marcelo Coimbra called attention “to the need for a regulatory framework that makes renewable energy compatible with environmental protection and sustainable development, without leaving aside the legal security that is fundamental for attracting investment to the sector. The event is open to students, law professionals, companies and government entities linked to renewable energy.

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