The standard benefits package in Brazil

Besides a fixed remuneration, companies in Brazil generally offer a social package to its employees. In the following we have listed the most common benefits.

In Brazil, the benefits packages may be freely negotiated by employee and employer and depend on the specific circumstances. However, the standard benefits for employees typically include a health plan, a dental plan, meal or food voucher, transportation voucher and/or fuel voucher.

Please note, that offering a transportation voucher is obligatory by law for employees contracted under Brazilian labour law, if requested by the employee. The exact amount depends on the costs for public transportation between the employee’s home and work address. At the same time, employers have the permission to discount up to 6% on the basic salary at the end of each month.

Health plan and meal voucher

The costs for a health and dental plan depend mostly on the insurance provider, the company size and the professionals’ age. Health plans are offered, for instance, by providers as Bradesco, SulAmerica, Amil, Notre Dame and Unimed. In case of small and medium sized companies, the first cost quotations are provided normally by specialized service providers that intermediates between the insurance providers and the companies, serving as consultants.  

Meal vouchers typically correspond to the daily costs the respective employee will bear for meal during work. It is recommendable to observe the average cost for meals in the region the company is localized, in order to define a reasonable and attractive amount for the meal voucher. Also interesting in this context: On its website the service provider alelo offers a free survey on meal costs by region (

Social packages for expatriates

Social packages for expatriates that relocate to Brazil as managing directors of a small or medium sized Brazilian subsidiary typically obtain the standard benefits listed above, but also can receive certain additional benefits. Those additional benefits may include a company car which may for instance be leased from a car rental business.

Further, in case of large international companies, at least one flight per year to the home country of the expatriate as well as the payment of rental costs for an apartment (up to a reasonable amount) may be granted.

Of course, there are many other possibilities when composing an attractive benefits package! Depending on the employer’s values and culture, it is becoming more and more common to offer, for instance, flexible working hours, educational incentives or vouchers for fitness centres.  

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